Gareth Jenkin
(BHSc, BA, Dip P & R.Mgt, Dip Tchg)

Gareth is the founder of AED Locations. He completed his paramedic training at AUT and has been teaching resuscitation since 2002. In this time he has taught thousands of people CPR and how to use AEDs. People on courses regularly asked him where AEDs could be found and he didnʼt have a definitive answer. It also struck him that there were a large number of AEDs in the community but often people in the same building were unaware of the defibrillator's locations. People were dying within 50 metres of where AEDʼs were located because there was no signage and the AEDs were not being used. He thought by putting the locations online everybody would be able to find out where the AEDs were in their community. But he didnʼt have the money or the technological know-how to do this.

Then The Listener ran a story on heart attacks and AEDs in November of 2010, in which Gareth featured. As a result of that exposure, Able Technology in Wellington, approached Gareth to make his vision a reality. The result is 2200 locations are now mapped online at www.aedlocations.co.nz. There is an iPhone app as well, which through GPS, brings up the five closet AEDs to the user. It also includes a speed dial function that allows you to dial the location of the AED direct, after youʼve called for help via the 111 system.

At present Gareth works as a Resuscitation Co-ordinator at Auckland City Hospital and teaches resuscitation at Auckland Medical School. He can be contacted at: gareth@aedlocations.co.nz